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All students who are new to Prince George must register at their catchment school. If you are unsure of your catchment school please use our Catchment School Locator
To register your student for school the following documents are needed;
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Proof of address
  • Care Card or BC Services Card
  • A last report card if possible
Registration Forms;
Staff at the school will be available to assist you as required. For more information on registration and catchment areas please refer to Policy 5119 - School Catchment Areas, Registration and Student Transfers.

Online Kindergarten registration will open February 1, 2023 at 9 am

Children whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31, 2023 are eligible to enter Kindergarten in September 2023. Registration must be completed through our online forms. 
If you are applying for any of the below schools CLICK HERE;
  • College Heights Elementary Regular Program
  • College Heights Elementary French Immersion Program (Choice Program)
  • Ecole Lac des Bois French Immersion Program (Choice Program)
  • Heather Park Elementary Regular Program
  • Heather Park Elementary French Immersion Program (Choice Program)
  • Nusdeh Yoh Elementary (Choice Program)
  • Polaris Montessori Elementary (Choice Program)
  • Spruceland Elementary (Choice Program)
If you are applying for any other school please register through the MyEducation BC Family Portal
Once the application has been submitted all required documents and forms should be submitted to the school within one week to finalize the registration.
Required Documents to submit to the school;
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Proof of address
  • Care Card or BC Services Card
Registration Forms to complete and submit to the school;
Transportation is provided to students in accordance with Policy 17 School District Transportation Services and Administrative Procedure 560 Student Transportation - Home and School and Administrative Procedure 561 Accessible Transportation for Students (revised). Parents/guardians of children that qualify for regular bussing to and from the child's home residence and their catchment area school who wish to register for bussing MUST complete an online bus registration form annually for each of their children.

The annual online regular bus registration for the 2023-24 school year will be available on the School District's website during the month of May 2023. Applications received after the end of June 2023 will be accommodated based on available seating. 

Parents/guardians that do not have access to the internet may contact their child's school for assistance. 
If more applications are received than available seats the school will hold a lottery as outlined in Policy 5118 School Catchment Areas, Registration and Student Transfers. Parents/guardians will be notified if a lottery is necessary. To be included in a lottery your completed registration form and all required documents must be submitted to the school prior to the event. Any required lottery will occur at 4:00 pm one week following registration day. 
Registration applications must be made to your catchment school if not applying to a choice program. If you have applied to a choice program it is not necessary to also apply to your catchment school. Choice program catchments are the entire district and can be applied to by anyone living within the School District No. 57 area. 

The online Grade 8 transition process for Independent School for September 2023 is now closed. 

Students who attend Grade 7 at an independent school within the School District No. 57 boundaries can apply to a School District No. 57 school for Grade 8 using this process. Applications must be made to the catchment school associated with the student's address. The online application process opens in January of each year and will be open for approximately 2 weeks. Details on how to apply will be sent to independent school Principals. Students looking to register after these dates should contact their catchment area school. Students looking to attend non-catchment schools should first register at their catchment school then request a transfer through the online student transfer process. 

The online student transfer process for September 2023 is now closed.

Parents and guardians may request that a student attend a non-catchment school using this process. If accepted the transfer would take effect for the next school year. A student that has transferred using this process may not request another transfer for one year. The online student transfer application process opens in mid February of each year and is open for approximately 2 weeks. Students looking to transfer after these dates should contact their school Principal.  
Schools listed below are operating at full enrolment capacity. Admission of out-of-catchment students is not anticipated.
Elementary Schools;
  • Beaverly
  • College Heights
  • Edgewood
  • Glenview
  • Hart Highlands
  • Harwin
  • Heritage
  • Malaspina
  • Ron Brent
  • Southridge
  • Springwood
  • Vanway
Secondary Schools
  • College Heights Secondary
  • Duchess Park Secondary (regular program only)